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In Studio Services

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If you were a valued client in 2023, you're entitled to 2023 rates. Feel free to DM me for more details.


Received a $15 discount when paying with cash. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Celebrate your birthday with Awards Winning Message Therapist! Book a session during your birth month and receive a complimentary 30-minute sound healing. Simply DM me to add this offer to your reservation after booking.

Accepting Payment: Cash, Venmo and Credit Card

Arthur is hands down my massage therapist. His unique approach always leaves me feeling  rejuvenated and at my best. If you 're in the LA area, hit him up!

Loui Pacheco, Head Coach and Personal Trainer


Soothe & Sound Ceremony (Signature Treatment)

Inspired by Albert Einstein's famous quote, "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies," we've crafted a unique, award-winning treatment that combines the therapeutic benefits of Thai and Deep Tissue Massage with the transformative power of sound therapy.

Our key modalities, Thai and Deep Tissue Massage, work in harmony to provide therapeutic results and release chronic muscle tension. This powerful combination forms the foundation of our treatment, setting the stage for deep relaxation and healing.

Following the massage, you'll experience a 30-minute private sound bath. This immersive sound therapy session is designed to reduce stress, rebalance your chakra system, and alter consciousness, creating a deep and resonating sense of peace and well-being.

Experience the future of wellness with our innovative, frequency-based treatment, only at MR WELLNESS LA.

Watch full video at YouTube: MR WELLNESS LA

Pressure: medium to firm

90/105/120 minutes    




Myofascial Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage or FasciAshi Massage

Myofascial Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage or FasciAshi Massage is a unique form of massage therapy that combines deep, myofascial release, and painless techniques using the broad surface of the therapist's foot. This therapy is recognized as the best deep tissue massage and myofascial release on the planet for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

The term "FasciAshi" is derived from "fascia," referring to the connective tissue in the body, "ashi," meaning foot, and "atsu," indicating pressure.

This therapeutic approach focuses on the para-spinals and lumbar region, helping to expand the inter-vertebral disc space, which in turn provides more room for nerves to pass through. The deep compression applied through the therapist's foot enhances the circulation of fluids throughout your organs and improves the intrinsic attachments of all your body's joints.

The therapist employs either one or two-footed strokes to deliver the massage, aiming to create structural changes in chronic soft tissue damage. The therapist can safely go deep without exerting extra effort, providing the perfect amount of pressure to often neglected muscle groups such as the pectorals, adductors, serratus anterior, teres, and the deep six hip rotators.

This modality requires the therapist to be mobile and possess upper arm and abdominal strength, balance, and coordination to deliver your massage comfortably and safely. FasciAshi is a transformative experience that not only soothes your body but also promotes healing and overall well-being. (More detail on FasciAshi Massage Page)

Watch full video at YouTube: MR WELLNESS LA

Pressure: firm​

60/75/90 minutes    



Bespoke Massage

This treatment, which won 1st place in the Freestyle Western Massage category at the 2023 California Massage Championships, combines the best of various massage modalities. Whether it's the deep, broad pressure of Barefoot massage, the intense relief of Deep Tissue, the soothing strokes of Swedish, the stretching and mobilizing benefits of Thai, or the rhythmic pressure of Percussive Therapy, we've got you covered.

Every body is unique, and so should be every treatment. At MR WELLNESS LA, we customize our integrated treatment based on your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective and beneficial therapy.

Experience the holistic healing of our award-winning integrated treatment and embark on a journey towards balance and wellness.

Pressure: meduim to firm​

60/75/90 minutes    



Kahuna Bodywork
(Temple Style Lomi Massage)

Kahuna Bodywork is a unique style of massage that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. Developed by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, this intuitive and transformative bodywork draws inspiration from 'Lua,' the traditional Hawaiian martial arts.

If you've never experienced Kahuna Bodywork before, prepare for a massage unlike any other. The continuous, rhythmic strokes delivered using the forearms and hands can facilitate emotional shifts and remove physical blockages within the body, leading to a profound sense of healing and relaxation.

Clients often describe Kahuna massage as feeling like waves moving over their entire body. This sensation, akin to multiple pairs of hands working simultaneously, fosters a deep sense of comfort and connection. As your mind and body relax, stress and tension are released, leaving you in a state of tranquility and well-being. Experience the transformative power of Kahuna Bodywork at MR WELLNESS LA.

Watch full video at YouTube: MR WELLNESS LA

Pressure: medium 

60 minutes    




Sarga Bodywork
(Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue)

Immerse yourself in the deeply relaxing experience of Sarga Bodywork, a unique massage technique centered around the therapist's skilled footwork. Clients often describe their Sarga sessions as "slow, deep, super relaxing," and "a fluid experience from beginning to end."

At MR WELLNESS LA, we're at the forefront of innovative myofascial bodywork. Our award-winning massage therapist uses the Sarga technique to deliver deeper, smoother, and more effective results than most traditional bodywork techniques.

In a Sarga Bodywork session, the therapist uses a long fabric sling attached under the massage table to deliver deep and consistent pressure using the broad contour of their foot. This method allows for a slow pace, ensuring a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience.

We invite you to our studio in the heart of West Hollywood for your barefoot massage therapy session. Experience the release, hydration, and lengthening in your fascia, promoting ease and relaxation throughout your body. It's more than just a massage - it's a journey towards enhanced well-being.

(More detail on Sarga Bodywork Page)

Watch full video at YouTube: MR WELLNESS LA

Pressure: fiirm & slow

90 minutes


Remark: Due to limitations in my treatment space, Sarga Bodywork will not be offered until further notice.


Sports Massage with MFD

Our Sports Massage with Myofascial Decompression (MFD) is tailored to athletes across the spectrum, from weekend joggers to world-class professionals. This specialized treatment targets the soft tissue layers throughout the body, enhancing performance and mobility.

Experience the transformative power of our sports massage, designed to ease chronic pain, aid in sports injury recovery, and prevent future injuries. Combined with Myofascial Decompression, this treatment works to manipulate and release tension in your fascia, promoting optimal muscle function and overall body health.

Whether you're preparing for a big race, recovering from an intense workout, or looking to enhance your athletic performance, our Sports Massage with Myofascial Decompression offers a comprehensive solution. Experience the difference at MR WELLNESS LA and unlock your full athletic potential.

Watch full video at YouTube: MR WELLNESS LA

Pressure: Firm​

60/75/90 minutes    


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